Scout Troops

Get creative with your Scout Troop and have some fun painting! Either pottery or canvas your troop is sure to have a great time.
May is Girl Scout Appreciation Month at Missus Potts! Bring your troop in and they get their Studio Fee Free! Call for more information or to make a reservation, valid only during the month of May, minimum of 6 painters, pottery not included. We also offer a Girl Scout Pottery Badge class! • $18 + tax per Scout • Minimum of 6 painters, reservation required. Includes: • Each kid gets wet clay to hand mold, includes staff instruction • A 6" tile to be painted anyway the child wants (can be upgraded) • Tour of the kiln room, kids learn about entire pottery process • Kids get to dip their own painted tile • Offical Girl Scout Pottery Badge Call or come in for more information or to schedule your Scout Troop today.