How It Works

3 Easy Steps! • Choose a piece of pottery from our large selection of plates, mugs, bowls, figures, shapes and more. • Design, decorate and paint your own masterpiece. • In five days your pieces will be glazed, fired and ready to pick up. Missus Potts is a great place to be creative and have some fun. We provide paints, brushes, stamps, stencils, tracing tables and expert assistance to let your inner artist out! What It costs: • Kids 12 and under - $6 Studio Fee plus the cost of the pottery • Adults - $8 Studio Fee plus the cost of the pottery • Includes all the paints, supplies and firing of the piece *Studio Fees are not per hour, you are welcome to stay as long as you want! AAA members and military families save 10% off all purchases. Just show your membership card or miltary ID and save! Cannot be combined with any other coupon or offers. You are welcome to stop in any time or make your reservation today! Food and drinks are always welcome!