Painted Prints

Want to capture that important moment in your childs life? Whether its baby's first birthday, Christmas, or a gift for family and friends, handprints and footprints are a great way to capture the special moments in your childs life.
We have three ways to do it: • Do It Yourself! Come in and paint anytime, we’ll be happy to assist you with handprints or footprints. Then you and your child can design, decorate and paint a truly one of kind memento! • Choose from one of our Painted Prints designs and we can do the painting for you! 1. Bring your child into our studio. 2. Choose one of our Painted Prints designs and a pottery piece. 3. We’ll help with the handprints and footprints. 4. Leave it with us and we’ll paint it for you! All designs are $15 plus the price of pottery and are ready for pick up in one week. Contact us and make a reservation for a Painted Print today! • Custom Painting! We can turn your child’s hand and/or footprint into just about anything you can imagine. We will work with you to create an original work to your specifications. Pricing begins at $30 plus the cost of pottery. Contact for more information.